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admin 23/05/2024
SHiring is a high-performance recruitment management solution integrating the two most advanced technology platforms today, AI and ATS. This is a promising solution that will become a valuable assistant for businesses.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are two advanced technologies frequently mentioned in the era of Industry 4.0. Especially, candidate experience is the top criterion that businesses need to focus on when implementing recruitment strategies. Integrating recruitment with technology helps optimize costs, save management time, and provide a professional experience for candidates. SHiring is a high-performance recruitment management solution integrating the two most advanced technology platforms today, AI and ATS. This is a promising solution that will become a valuable assistant for businesses.

General introduction about SHiring

SHiring is one of the four products within TopCV Corporation’s HR Tech ecosystem, a leading company in leveraging technology for recruitment purposes. It integrates two cutting-edge technologies: AI and Application Tracking System (ATS). This solution is suitable for all business models across various industries due to its ability to optimize every aspect of the recruitment process.

SHiring has been a trusted solution provider for numerous businesses. With SHiring, businesses can easily find suitable candidates, shorten recruitment time, and reduce recruitment costs.

SHiring – An AI integrated ATS platform that enhances recruitment efficiency in every aspect

Aiming to support the digitization of the entire recruitment process, SHiring assists businesses in several areas:

Centralized management and storage of candidate data on one platform

As a modern applicant tracking system platform, SHiring stores and processes all candidate data on a single platform. This ensures security, prevents data loss, and facilitates the retrieval process when necessary.

Candidate applications from various sources are consolidated onto one platform with ATS technology

With SHiring, the HR department can create and post job listings on job boards as well as the company’s own career site. SHiring also provides job description templates with detailed job descriptions for positions, allowing personnel to use existing templates and customize them to suit their recruitment requirements.

In addition, when candidates apply, their profiles are automatically transferred and stored in SHiring. Simultaneously, the system sends notifications to HR accounts regarding new candidate resume, allowing HR to access and review candidate’s resume immediately.

Accurately and swiftly scan candidate information with the Resume Parser feature

Resume Parser is a feature that enables HR to scan resume information by integrating AI data extraction technology. As soon as a resume is received, the system collects and extracts candidate information ranging from personal details to work experience, education and skills. The standout feature of this functionality is its ability to simultaneously extract multiple resume in various formats with fast processing speeds. This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry of resume information and saves time for the HR department.

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Store the entire application history of candidates

A common scenario is that a candidate may apply multiple times for the same position or different positions within a company. To save time in resume screening and utilize information from existing recruitment rounds, HR needs data for reference.

Understanding this issue in businesses, SHiring has a deduplication feature to distinguish between new and previously applied candidates. The system stores the complete application history of candidates, including the source of application, positions applied for, rounds attended, results, and evaluations for each round. With this feature, HR will have the foundation to evaluate and make decisions quickly.

The Talent Pool feature aids in categorizing candidates

SHiring employs Talent Pools to manage and categorize candidate profiles according to specific requirements or criteria set by the business during recruitment campaigns. After collecting and storing candidate data from various sources, you can divide candidates into suitable Talent Pools, organizing the data systematically. Common criteria for dividing each pool include department, job position, job level, location, and more.

The benefits of using this feature include saving time in candidate search and screening. The HR department can also easily determine the next steps to nurture candidate pools for recruitment.

Expeditious candidate data mining

Following the collection, processing, and storage of candidate data, HR needs to efficiently mine this data. With SHiring’s superior technology, you can easily conduct operations such as searching, screening, marketing, and nurturing candidates swiftly and effortlessly.

Easily find candidates through ATS technology

SHiring provides a feature that allows you to search for candidates based on basic information such as name, email, phone number, or tags assigned during categorization. This is also one of the standout features of ATS. You don’t need to manually enter each candidate’s information into an Excel file for future searches – the SHiring system will instantly provide results when you search.

Quick candidate filtering

To save time for HR, SHiring offers a candidate profile filtering system within the Talent Pool with diverse criteria such as resume source, applied position, recruitment round, recruitment stage, experience, etc.

Propose candidates through AI integration

Based on the scanned and collected candidate information, the AI Screening technology integrated into SHiring automatically evaluates candidate profiles by analyzing and comparing the information in the profiles with predefined criteria and job requirements. It provides a score along with the reasons why the system evaluates the candidate with that score. Additionally, it suggests the most suitable candidates for the job. This feature increases the chances of finding quality candidates and reduces search time. SHiring also assesses performance and predicts job success for each candidate. Recruiters can easily make their decisions.

SHiring integrates AI and ATS solutions to swiftly aggregate and mine candidate data

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Manage the status and process of each recruitment position

Develop a scientific recruitment process and system for each position

The system comes with a pre-integrated standardized recruitment process for all positions. Depending on the specialization requirements and recruitment needs, HR can customize additional recruitment rounds within this process. For example, positions related to content creation or IT may require an additional competency test round for candidates. HR can easily configure this process in the SHiring system and assign employees to work with candidates according to the sequential recruitment rounds.

Personalized automated emails sent to each candidate

Instead of having to draft or copy email content for each candidate manually in Gmail, this process can be automated with SHiring. This automation saves HR a significant amount of time. For each job position, the number of resume received can reach dozens or hundreds. Sending emails to each candidate for various recruitment stages, such as interview invitations, test submissions, post-interview thank-you emails, result feedback appointment emails, salary offer emails, and rejection emails, can be overwhelming.

With SHiring’s superior feature, the HR department can send personalized emails to a batch of candidates simultaneously. This feature not only saves time and prevents errors in sending emails but also helps candidates feel valued and professional.

Easily update candidate statuses

Managing candidate statuses manually can overwhelm HR and lead to oversights due to the large number of candidates. With SHiring, you can track candidate statuses right on the screen. You can see which stage of the recruitment process each candidate is in, update the status of each candidate’s interview rounds simply by drag-and-drop actions. All questions regarding candidate statuses are readily answered on the SHiring interface, allowing you to stay in one place and monitor them.

Automatic real-time progress updates for each position based on the Hiring Pipeline and Dashboard

You will always know which positions have achieved satisfactory recruitment efficiency, which positions need to intensify efforts to attract candidates, where candidate issues are concentrated in the recruitment process, whether to extend or shorten the time for each round to match the number of candidates, etc. In this case, quantity is also an important factor reflecting quality.

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Manage interview activities scientifically

Interviewing candidates is the most crucial step in the recruitment process, where your HR department and candidates can directly interact and evaluate each other. With SHiring, you can build professional and streamlined interview sessions.

Schedule interviews directly on the software

To streamline the interview process, HR personnel can schedule interviews with candidates directly on SHiring. The system is integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook. Interview invitations will be automatically sent to the candidate’s email. The reminder feature helps both HR and candidates avoid missing interview appointments.

Take notes, evaluate and tag candidate profiles on the interview interface

To minimize incomplete or biased evaluations, SHiring offers a feature to evaluate candidates directly on the interface. HR personnel can make notes before, during, and after the interview sessions. These evaluation results will be automatically updated in the candidate profile and indicate whether they have passed or been eliminated from the round. You can simply open the software and check the results anytime, anywhere.

Diverse real-time reporting system with ATS

Measuring effectiveness after each recruitment campaign is extremely important. It serves as the basis for managers to evaluate and optimize subsequent campaigns. Previously, HR had to compile all the data and then create reports to send to higher-ups. However, the accuracy of the reporting results depends on the volume of data processed. If there’s a large amount of candidate data and numerous recruitment positions, errors are more likely. Additionally, reports generated this way tend to be simple and lack visual representation.

At its essence, SHiring is an integrated solution combining AI and ATS technology, thus the issue mentioned will be addressed through real-time automated reporting features. The reporting system, presented in visual chart formats, will allow administrators to easily grasp the company’s recruitment situation. The system supports exporting reports in Excel or PDF formats, ensuring 100% accuracy of the data. Currently, SHiring offers various types of reports:

  • Recruitment performance report for Talent Acquisition: The numbers regarding interactions between the recruitment team and candidates will help you understand the team’s productivity, thereby optimizing team operations. By monitoring these figures in the report, you can assess the quality of the recruitment team’s work and make informed decisions for future recruitment strategies.
  • Recruitment source report: With reports from SHiring, statistical data on candidate sources will help you understand which potential candidates are coming from which recruitment sources. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of each recruitment channel.
  • Recruitment cost report: Business leaders and managers will grasp the total cost for recruitment activities. This enables them to allocate costs appropriately for future campaigns.
  • Report on candidate conversion rates by recruitment stage: Data on candidate conversion rates through each stage provides insights into the effectiveness of the recruitment process, helping you identify areas for improvement in the recruitment steps.

Enhance recruitment branding with the feature of building a professional website

Today, businesses and large corporations highly prioritize building their own careersite. This is a crucial factor in asserting their recruitment brand and promoting their Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

An integrated ATS software solution, SHiring provides templates for recruitment websites suitable for various types of businesses. Simply fill in the necessary information, and you’ll have a website that gives you a competitive edge over others. Additionally, the system integrates application forms for each position. In less than 10 minutes, businesses can create a professional and modern careersite.

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SHiring prioritizes user experience and emphasizes data security

Cross-device and cross-platform usage

SHiring is a solution that users can utilize across multiple platforms and operating systems, from PC, laptop to mobile phone and tablet. As long as there is internet access, it can be used. This allows HR teams to check notifications and manage and monitor recruitment campaigns anytime, anywhere.

Ability to store large amounts of data, ensuring information security

All data in the software is transferred to the Cloud and access is permission-based, ensuring excellent data storage and security capabilities. Modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are integrated into the software for tasks like scanning and virtual assistant reporting, providing customers with the best user experience. Additionally, SHiring always adheres to international data security principles.

24/7 technical support and customer care team

To assist businesses in deploying and using the solution effectively, SHiring’s experienced and specialized team is available to provide support 24/7.

In addition, similar to traditional ATS software, SHiring can be effectively utilized across all devices and operating systems. This aligns well with the nature of recruitment work, where mobility is often required. Whether they are on the go or at their desks, recruiters can access candidate information and track recruitment progress with just a phone or tablet. Similarly, candidates can easily apply for positions directly from their mobile devices.

This article has provided a comprehensive overview of the SHiring solution. We believe it is a comprehensive recruitment management solution that helps businesses solve many challenges, from streamlining processes, saving time and effort to improving efficiency.

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