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Applying AI technology minimizes recruitment work


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Integrate with ERM, HRM to synchronize data

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premium features

Resume Parser

If you or your HR team are spending hours manually inputting dozens of resumes into Google Sheets or Excel, then the CV Parser is your lifesaver. It's a tool integrated into Shiring to automate data entry with fast speed and notable features:
- Extraction accuracy rate of up to 98%
- Detailed parsing of candidate resumes including contact information, education, work experience, skills, etc.
- Simultaneous parsing of multiple candidate resumes

AI Screening

No more reading through candidate resumes to see if they match the job requirements! SHIRING's AI will help you read thousands of CVs, score them, and provide the most objective evaluations:
- High accuracy
- Impartiality, ignores potential biases
- Saves time and effort

Digitize the recruitment process

Easily organize recruitment by recruitment rounds, manage permissions, and view 01 report per recruitment position.
- Allows setting up recruitment processes, recruitment rounds by position
- Configurable reasons for rejection, candidate sources, for statistical reporting.
- Track care history, candidate application history.
- Easily add notes, tags, evaluate, share candidate resumes with the recruitment board.
- Transparency of the recruitment process.

Employer Branding

Provides a recruitment page to build a recruitment brand, post job postings to collect candidate resumes.
- Free job posting
- Customize style, color, images, and videos according to enterprise brand guidelines
- Customize the application form to collect additional candidate information


Optimize work with automatic features on SHIRING
- Automatically send template emails to candidates when changing recruitment rounds or rejecting candidates.
- Automatically remind recruitment personnel when candidates stay too long in the recruitment round.
- Automatically synchronize resumes from 10+ popular recruitment websites

Collaborative Hiring

Easily collaborate effectively on SHIRING by allowing multiple accounts to participate in the recruitment process for evaluation and processing.
- Minimize recruitment time through creating a quick two-way interaction environment between recruitment personnel and Hiring Manager
- Optimize management efficiency through role-based permissions
- Secure candidate data through permissions for Talent Pool and recruitment positions


Various integrations with HRM, ERP systems, Google, Microsoft, Test Service, ...
- Connect with HRM, ERP to synchronize personnel data
- Synchronize work schedules, interviews two-way with Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar
- Integrate Gmail & Outlook Mail to exchange emails with candidates
- Send and view test results through the Testcenter platform


Real-time reports provide many recruitment snapshots, helping businesses quickly grasp the recruitment situation and make appropriate adjustments to increase recruitment efficiency. SHIRING offers a variety of reports:
- Recruitment efficiency report
- Source report
- Recruitment cost report
- Recruitment personnel efficiency report
- Offer rejection report


Save 71% of time by automating recruitment tasks
Build a professional recruitment brand
Objective, limit subjective evaluations
Increase candidate experience
4 stages of Talent Acquisition on SHIRING
  • Synchronize CVs from job boards
  • Download candidate resumes, system will automatically
  • Grant permission to view candidate resumes with talent pool
  • The system uses AI to read candidate resumes and extract data into corresponding fields
  • Provide a Kanban interface for intuitive and easy management
  • Automatically send email notifications to candidates when changing status or rejecting candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Automatically send tests and automatically reject candidates if they fail the test
  • Remind candidates who have exceeded the processing days as prescribed
  • AI automatically scores candidate resumes according to recruitment requirements and target candidate criteria
  • Hiring managers can easily participate in the system to evaluate, make notes on candidate resumes with recruitment personnel
  • Share candidate resumes via email for the evaluation board
  • Offer browsing
Report & Dashboard
  • Automatically aggregate data to build effective recruitment reports
  • Manage recruitment KPIs, and performance of recruitment personnel
  • Export reports in Excel, PDF format
  • Automatically summarize reports and send regular emails
199 USD / Year
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  • Total Users Up to 3
  • Total Workspace Up to 1
  • Storage capacity Up to 1 GB
  • Stored CV 2,000 CV

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399 USD / Year
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  • Total Users Up to 10
  • Total Workspace Up to 3
  • Storage capacity Up to 5 GB
  • Stored CV 5,000 CV

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799 USD / Year
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  • Total Users Up to 20
  • Total Workspace Up to 10
  • Storage capacity Up to 10 GB
  • Stored CV 20,000 CV

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2499 USD / Year
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  • Total Users Up to 50
  • Total Workspace Up to 20
  • Storage capacity Up to 30 GB
  • Stored CV 60,000 CV

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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and how does it work?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to help recruiters manage the hiring process from job posting to selecting the right candidate. ATS uses AI to screen, evaluate, and rank candidates based on their resumes and other information.

What are the benefits of using an AI-powered ATS?

- Saves time and recruitment costs
- Improves accuracy in resume screening
- Enhances candidate experience
- Reduces bias in the hiring process

What processes can an ATS automate?

- Synchronizing data from recruitment job sites
- Screening and ranking resumes
- Sending automated emails to candidates
- Scheduling interviews
- Tracking and reporting recruitment progress

How does AI in an ATS screen candidates?

AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze keywords, skills, and experience in candidates’ resumes, then compares them with job requirements to rank and select the most suitable candidates.

Can SHiring integrate with other tools?

SHiring can integrate with HR management tools (HRM) such as HappyTime.vn, testing systems like Testcenter.vn, and other software to create a comprehensive recruitment system.

How is SHiring’s data security ensured?

SHIRING complies with data protection regulations, uses encryption and other security measures to protect candidate information. Candidate and employer information is not disclosed or used for any other purposes.